Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Here’s how to start the selection process:
Function First. Because every household is different, you won’t find a one-size-fits-all material. Are you an enthusiastic chef who slices and dices five nights a week? Do you host cocktail parties at the bar area or serve family dinners around the island? Do your kids spill orange juice and smear jam most mornings? Rank the importance of factors such as durability, stain resistance and ease of maintenance.
Signature Style. Consider which surface you find appealing: the look, feel, texture and shades. Should it be warm or cool to the touch? How important are integrated sinks, seamless appearance and vibrant colors? Consider additional details, including thickness, overhang and edge options. You should love the end result.
Mix It Up. Each material offers unique strengths—from heat resistance to ease of cleaning. How can you ever choose just one? Maybe you shouldn’t. Some homeowners find that mixing a variety of materials creates an ideal kitchen. Depending on your space and needs, for instance, you may want a stone-topped baking center and a butcher block island for chopping.
Establish Your Budget. This part isn’t the most fun, but it’s the only way to determine your options. Along with material costs, take into account any fees for delivery and installation, as well as any custom details such as edge treatments, integrated sinks and backsplashes.
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